Keep your products safe and secure with our stretch film & pallet wrap

Product uses

Stretch film and pallet wrap are used extensively in warehouses, distribution centres or anywhere else where goods and products are stored and/or transported. Available in a huge range of thicknesses, widths and lengths this type of film wrapping is used to keep loads secured on pallets – making for much easier and faster transportation by forklift, trolley or similar method.

In addition to simply securing cartons the stretch film or pallet wrap also has the additional benefit of sealing the goods into a secure unitized form – adding an increased level of preservation to perishable goods such as foods or plants as well as providing a tamper evident layer.

Stretch film and pallet wrapping are excellent, cost-effective ways to increase ease of transportation whilst also preserving goods against dust, dirt or interference.  Widely popular and used by almost all UK transportation and storage firms our stretch film and pallet wrap is both versatile and available for immediate delivery across the country.


Stretch Film and pallet wrap are available in two main forms:

Machine Stretch Film

Standard or pre-stretched machine stretch film is normally supplied in reel widths of 400 or 500mm and sold by the tonne.

There are two types of machine stretch film:

  1. Blown Film
  2. Cast Film

Blown film is preferable for hand wrapping and cast for machine applications. Film can be tinted and is available in thickness of between 12-34 microns depending on the application. Standard Cliffe-flex stock film is 500mm x 1500m x 23 microns.

Hand Wrap

Hand Wrap is available in two main widths – 400 and 500mm with thicknesses from 7mu up to 35mu depending on the application you need.

Hand wrap stretch film and pallet wrap can be supplied with standard cores for use with an applicator, extended cores for ease of use by hand or coreless rolls for ultimate cost savings.

Our rolls of pallet film and stretch wrap are normally packed in boxes of 6 and are usually available immediately from our extensive stock.

As with all Cliffe Packaging products we welcome custom or bespoke orders for stretch wrap or pallet film – Simply tell us what you need and we will be happy to produce stretch film and pallet wrap to your exact specifications.