A green alternative to many of our products

We truly believe that plastics have a place in our future when disposed of responsibly and used for the right application.  However, we recognise that we have a direct responsibility to contribute to the reduction in plastic waste.  Therefore, we are continuously striving to develop and offer green alternatives to our line-up.

We are delighted to add another new product to our offering which is manufactured using the breakthrough Braskem material: I’m green™ plastic.  Whereas conventional polyethylene (the polymer of ethylene) is produced from non-renewable fossil raw materials, I’m green™ plastic is produced from renewable raw material: ethanol from Brazilian sugarcane.

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Our polythene (polyethylene) products

Polymerisation of the ethanol monomer produces Polyethanol (otherwise known as polyvinyl alcohol).  Polyethanol and polyethylene exhibit the same characteristics in application, performance and recycling.  The two resins are visually indistinguishable.  This is beneficial because no further investment in machinery or modification is required; it is a true drop-in substitution.

It is important to note that I’m green™ polyethylene is not biodegradable or compostable.  Like traditional petrochemical resins, it is fully recyclable and, most importantly, through the traditional routes already used today.  Because it is not biodegradable, the CO2 captured in the cultivation of the sugarcane remains sequestered during the plastic’s lifecycle.

The entrapment of CO2 means that the carbon footprint is markedly reduced commensurate with the polyethanol fraction.  Because the product is not biodegradable or compostable, this means that there is no limitation on shelf life.

The minimum renewable I’m green™ fraction is 51%.


The I’m green™ material can be substituted into any of our conventional polyethylene products such as pallet covers, stretch film and polythene sacks.