Learn all about our bulk bags

The modern bulk bag is a fascinating product, superior to bulk packaging of the past, thanks to advancements in technology. Also known as FIBCs, or flexible intermediate bulk containers, there are many types available to meet the specific requirements of different industries.

Cliffe Packaging have come up with a visual guide to help you identify the right type of bulk bag for your business. All our bulk bags can be made to order at any specification – please get in touch with our team for more information.

Download the Cliffe Packaging bulk bag infographic guide pdf.

Food Grade Bulk Bags

Use: Non-volatile food or pharmaceutical grade products.

Features: Clinically sterile and clean to eliminate any risk of contamination. Made to UK & EU safety standards and fully certified under ISO 22000:2005. Learn more

Anti-Static Bulk Bags (also known as type C or D bags)

Use: Hazardous goods in potentially dangerous atmospheres.

Features: Type C anti-static bulk bags are made with interconnected electrostatic threads. Type D anti-static bulk bags are made with electrostatic threads that continually eliminate electrostatic build up without the need for additional grounding. Learn more


Baffle Bulk Bags (Q-Bags)

Use: Increasing packaging payload or improving the stability of packed products.

Features: Baffle bags retain their shape and do not bulge when filled, as the sides are stitched with lightweight material to reinforce the structural integrity. Can reduce transport costs by up to 25% over standard bulk bags. Learn more

Builders Bulk Bags (also known as aggregate, bulk gravel, dumpy, or sand bags)

Use: Building materials e.g. rubble, gravel, sand, aggregate, garden waste, non-toxic industrial waste.

Features: Made from polypropylene, the simplest builders bag is designed with an open top, flat base and lifting loops. Can be customised for single or multi-trip use. Learn more

ADR UN Certified Bulk Bags

Use: Transportation of hazardous or potentially hazardous materials. Suitable for a wide range of goods in environments where there is risk of fire, explosion, chemical burns, toxic contamination or environmental damage.

Features: Certified by strict United Nations standards against accidental dropping, toppling, tearing, stacking stability, self-righting within certain limits, etc. Learn more

PVC Bulk Bags

Use: A wide variety of products, including expensive hygroscopic products, chemicals, food stuffs, pharmaceutical products.

Features: Made from PVC-coated polyester with welded seams for watertight protection. Can be supplied with different surface coatings for various purposes. Learn more