Ultra-high quality food grade bulk bags for exclusive use with food or pharmaceutical grade products

Food Grade Bulk Bags – Product Uses

Unlike ordinary Bulk Bags, food or Pharmaceutical Grade Bulk Bags and FIBCs are designed exclusively for the packaging and transportation of non-volatile foodstuffs (such as rice, salt, flour, even baby milk) or chemicals in powdered or granular form (For example, fertilisers).

The prime consideration when dealing with products of this type is providing a bulk bag or FIBC which is not only scrupulously clean but also clinically sterile, to eliminate any risk of contamination to the products being transported. Food & Pharmaceutical Grade Bulk Bags must be manufactured to the highest standards in facilities which operate at ‘clean-room’ levels.

Why choose Cliffe Packaging’s Food Grade / Pharmaceutical Grade Bulk Bags or FIBCs?

If your business is in the food or pharmaceutical sectors then you already understand that keeping your products in the very best condition and free from any form of unwanted contamination is the most important factor in choosing high grade bulk bags and/or FIBCs.


Our Food Grade Bulk Bags & Pharmaceutical Grade FIBCs are:


With our Food and Pharmaceutical Grade Bulk Bags and FIBCs there are no corners cut and no chances taken.

  Manufactured from high quality materials to UK & EU safety standards

  Produced in our custom facility using the latest ‘clean room’ ultra violet light sterilisation technology & audited by the UK’s leading food & pharmaceutical companies
  Subjected to stringent safety and quality checks throughout all stages of production
  Vacuumed scrupulously to eliminate any risk of stray fibres entering your product
  Packed in sterile conditions and on heat treated pallets to ISPM standards
  Fully certified under ISO22000:2005
  Stocked in minimal ‘just in time’ batches to ensure they arrive with you fresh from production
  Delivered direct by food grade logistics operators