Electrostatic ignition-proof anti static bulk bags for use in hazardous atmospheres

Product Use

Due to the materials from which they are manufactured ordinary bulk bagsbuilders bags or baffle bags can have a tendency to develop a static charge whilst being filled or discharged.

In many instances this is not a problem – with the bulk bag naturally grounding itself when earthed. However, in some industries this can be a critical problem requiring a specialist solution. Anti Static bulk bags have been designed and manufactured specifically to prevent the build up of electrostatic charges during filling, storage or emptying – this is highly important if the bulk bag is being used in a flammable or potentially explosive atmosphere. In such circumstances Anti Static bulk bags are used to ensure that there are no unwanted sparks or discharges which might ignite a fire or explosion. Standard bulk bags are often described as Type A or Type B.

These bulk bags should not be used where dust or combustible vapours may be present.

Anti Static Bulk Bags

Type C Anti Static Bulk Bags

Often called Anti Static Bulk Bags this type of FIBC has a network of interconnected electrostatic threads running through the material, including the lifting hoops. Properly earthed during filling and discharging this type of anti static bulk bag is suitable for use in atmospheres where dust or dangerous vapours may exist.

Type D Anti Static Bulk Bags

Much like the Type C Anti Static Bulk Bag the Type D is constructed with electrostatic threads but unlike the Type C bulk bag these are not interconnected. The result is an anti static bulk bag which continually eliminates any electrostatic build up through a process known as coronal discharge. These minute discharges dissipate harmlessly into the surrounding atmosphere without the need for the additional grounding of a Type C Anti Static Bulk Bag. As with all of our wide range of packaging, wraps and bulk bag products Cliffe Packaging can supply any number of antistatic bulk bags for your use. We will also be delighted to provide custom manufacturing, labelling and branding as required.