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Shrink film is actually a highly versatile product used in a variety of commercial and industrial sectors. Available in a huge range of thicknesses, lengths and qualities Cliffe Packaging can supply you with a shrink wrap ideal for your purposes.

Shrink wrap is often used in the protection and securing of goods for storage or transport – such cartons, boxes, beverage cans and as pallet wrapping. This type of shrink film is applied over and around the goods, usually by automated equipment. The shrink film is then heated which causes it to contract tightly around the pallet and goods securing both safely.

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Benefits of shrink film

This kind of shrink film wrapping has a number of benefits, besides simple securing or unitization – such as keeping perishable organic goods like cheese, meats, vegetables, fruits or even plants fresh. In addition it protects goods from dust and adds a significant layer of tamper prevention, discouraging easy theft or malicious interference.

Shrink wrapping can be used on an individual scale with centrefold film – Here a product is placed in the centre of the film and the remaining three sides are sealed to form a bag. The package is heated causing the shrink film to contract around the product keeping it both secure and protected.

Goods and products encased in Cliffe Packaging shrink film or wrap are safe and protected for transport by road, air, sea or rail freight.

Other uses for shrink film and wrapping

Shrink Film has a number of uses beyond simple product or pallet wrapping. This often utilises much heavier grade shrink wrap commonly seen in industrial applications, including:

  • Wrapping entire buildings or sections – Shrink wrapping is used in construction (such as scaffold wrapping of buildings/bridges), in emergencies (wrapping roofs after hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes or other natural disasters) or to protect the environment (to facilitate the safe removal of asbestos, lead and other hazards)
  • Industrial shrink wrap containment of large equipment/components – To protect generators, pumps or similar plant equipment
  • Temporary shrink wrap structures – Used for storage or other business operational uses
  • Shrink wrapping of boats, marine equipment, aircraft, cars or other vehicles – Often used for long term storage, transport or for emergency use or contingency

Whatever your shrink film needs Cliffe Packaging can help. With a vast stock available for immediate shipment across the UK you can trust us to meet your requirements – on time, every time.

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