Cliffe Packaging supply sandbags made from WPP (woven polypropylene)

A Sandbag is a sack that is filled with sand or soil and assists as a temporary prevention of flooding as well as many other uses such as stabilising temporary road signs for traffic management or military use for fortifications.

Cliffe’s Sandbags will typically hold around 20kg of sand however it is recommended that they are not filled to capacity as this makes them difficult to handle and less flexible when building temporary walls which can lead to large gaps between each sandbag that allows water to pass through. Filled sandbags typically hold around 15kg of sand.

Sandbags do not offer a 100% water tight seal but are an effective way of diverting water around or away from structures such as doorways etc. It is recommended that sandbag walls are constructed using not only sandbags but also heavy duty polythene sheeting as an extra barrier. You can use sandbags to weigh down the sheeting and hold it in place.