Layer Boards | Top Sheets

Cliffe Packaging supply cardboard/paper separators for a very wide range of industrial products, such as drink cans, bottles, stabilising products stacked into cases, etc.

Cliffe offer a selection of technical cardboards providing excellent tensile strength, possibility of combining internal treatments (waterproof, wet strength) and surface treatments (coating or film) to ensure excellent performance from the packaging machine to the end of the logistical chain.

  • Tailor-made die-cuts (cut corners, round corners, grooves)
  • Decoration options (printing, logo)

Large Cardboard Sheets are used as layering pads to cushion, protect and stabilise packaged products.

Corrugated Cardboard Sheets are perfect for layering on pallets and protect products from fork lift damage, keeps top of products free from warehouse dust.

Cardboard used to separate different layers of a product when stacking. (e.g. Cardboard divisions in a wine boxes). Can be folded around product to offer maximum protection. Excellent stiffness ideally suited for backing boards.

Available in both single and double wall pre-cut sheets to each customer’s individual size requirements.