PVC Bulk Bags – Designed to Carry Expensive Hydroscopic Products

Introducing a totally unique product to the world of bulk powder/granular handling. Cliffe Packaging is pleased to present the PVC (SFX) Bulk Bag, a product which is manufactured in the UK by Structure-flex.

The SFX Bulk Bag is manufactured from PVC coated polyester fabric, with all welded seams making the product completely watertight. In fact, the bag is so watertight that once filled, it can be left outside without detrimental effect to the performance of the packaging.

They are designed to carry expensive hydroscopic products to protect them from the harshness of any external environment.

With a life expectancy of over three years, each bag quickly pays for itself, recording trip after trip. Even when damaged, bags can be repaired very quickly without compromising the quality or safety performance of the bag.

Such reusable packaging will help to ease pressure on the environment.

A Brief History

They have been around in various forms for over forty years. They were first used in the deserts of the middle-east and the jungles of south East Asia for the storage of specialist chemicals for the oil industry.

Experience gained in these demanding conditions has allowed product adaptation and today, though in a different form, the SFX Bulk Bag is used to store chemicals, food stuffs and pharmaceuticals by many of Europe’s leading manufacturers.

There is a wide variety of materials available to suit your needs. Whether your product is abrasive, sterile, chemically sensitive, conductive or even corrosive, the SFX Bulk Bag can provide a solution to all your problems.

More Benefits of PVC Bulk Bags

SFX Bulk Bags are available in a wide range of colours. This will enable you to colour code your products, eliminating mistakes caused by damaged or obscure labelling.
When empty, the bags can be collapsed to occupy less space. They can easily be stored and returned for refilling.
Draw strings and special closures are available together with double skirts and hygiene flaps, all designed to match existing filling and discharging equipment.

For specialist packaging applications, SFX Bulk Bags can be supplied with different surface coatings.
For example, for food and pharmaceutical products, we can supply polyurethane coatings.
For highly volatile environments, antistatic coatings are applied to ensure risk free filling/discharging.

SFX Bulk Bags can be produced to carry UN certified hazardous materials. Full UN certification can be provided.

Safety Aspects of PVC Bulk Bags

Safety is paramount. SFX Bulk Bags are supplied with an 8:1 safety ratio on the safe working load of the product. Wear protection is added to the lifting loops to prolong the life of the product.
Document pockets are welded into the fabric to ensure documentation remains visible and safe from water ingress.