Ventilated FIBCs specifically designed for the storage and transportation of crops

Ventilated Big Bags – Product Uses

Ventilated Big Bags are an ideal way to safely store and transport potatoes and other crops which require continuous airflow

Sufficient ventilation is imperative in the storage of fresh crops and produce.  That’s why we have built on our knowledge of ventilated FIBCs through our BAG Supplies business to develop a solution to the safe and easy transportation of potatoes and other crops – the 26-stripe ventilated big bag.

These bags use heavy-duty woven polypropylene (WPP) with special air stripes woven into the body fabric yielding a 45% ventilated area whilst, just as importantly, retaining its strength, protection and durability properties.  Our specification has been refined using real scenario trials, working closely with our customers, to ensure all requirements were captured and criteria met.

Our bags can be produced with various features to fit your requirements, which our team will be delighted to discuss with you. So contact us to today to discuss any aspects of our product or any questions you may have.


Why choose Cliffe Packaging’s ventilated big bags?

We at Cliffe Packaging have an extensive and long-standing knowledge of the intricacies in the design of ventilated WPP fabrics, understanding how to maximise breathability without the compromise of any other properties.

Our ventilated big bag range is:

  Available in industry-standard 1t, 1.25t and 1.3t sizes with a safety factor of 5:1
  Manufactured with fabric which utilises locking threads to ensure air vents are secured into position in the fabric
  Manufactured with fabric using 26 2cm-wide ventilation stripes on all four sides and base
  Available with or without sleeve/tunnel lift loops
  Available with an open top, skirt top and filling/discharge spouts
  Made from 100% polypropylene and fully recyclable
  Available with high-quality printing on 1 to 4 sides in up to 4 colours (minimum runs may apply)