Waste-Tech Bale Wrap & Netting for Waste Processing and RDF / SRF

Product Uses

Cliffe Packaging are delighted to provide our exclusive range of waste wraps and bale netting for use in the refuse industry. Our Waste-Tech Bale Wrap and Bale Netting range has been specifically designed and developed for use in conjunction with the Waste Processing Industry – providing a waste film that you can trust.

For those who are unfamiliar with the current technology waste film and bale netting is now used extensively in the processing of refuse around the world. Municipal solid waste is rapidly growing across the globe and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) together with solid recovered fuel (SRF) have become the most cost effective choices for fuelling cement kilns and power stations. Cliffe Packaging has been working alongside the UK’s largest waste processing companies helping them to supply over 500,000 tonnes of baled waste throughout Europe using our waste film and bale netting products.

Waste Wrap

Our waste bale wrap and netting range has been trialled extensively throughout the waste processing industry over a number of years resulting in a film that is both flexible and durable. More than capable of withstanding the pressures of extended handling during transportation our strong and resilient waste wrap greatly reduces the potential problem of split bales.

WASTE-TECH Specifications:

WASTE-TECH17-S 500mm x 1800m per roll 17 micron Green/Black/white
WASTE-TECH17-L 750mm x 1800m per roll 17 micron Green/Black/white
WASTE-TECH25-S 500mm x 1800m per roll 25 micron Green/Black/white
WASTE-TECH25-L 750mm x 1800m per roll 25 micron Green/Black/white
WASTE-TECH30-S 500mm x 1300m per roll 30 micron Green/Black/white
WASTE-TECH30-L 750mm x 1300m per roll 30 micron Green/Black/white
WASTE-NET3070 1230mm x 3070m per roll N/A WHITE
WASTE-NET3600 1230mm x 3600m per roll N/A WHITE

All of our waste bale film and netting products can be used in conjunction with all major baler systems, including:

  • Macpress
  • Flexus Balasystems
  • Orkle
  • John Deere
  • Lyndex

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