We are delighted to launch a 30% rPP equivalent product for much of our bulk bag range. Last year, we shared news regarding the basics of the UK’s upcoming plastic packaging tax. We then expanded on this with a webinar available to watch on our YouTube channel. Applicable to non-compliant products from 1st […]

The UK’s Plastic Packaging Tax will come into effect on 7th April 2022. The impact of this new tax will have implications for all of us, as it will increase the price of all plastic packaging. You are cordially invited to attend our online webinar, during which we will provide you with everything you need […]

UK Plastic Packaging Tax

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UK Plastic Packaging Tax From the 7th April 2022, plastic packaging components manufactured in and imported into the UK will be liable for a specific material tax where it does not meet a minimum recycled content of 30% by weight. What is the Tax? The Plastic Tax is a measure put in place by HMRC […]

A major programme of investment initiated by Cliffe Packaging last year to support an exciting business growth and development programme, has now enabled the company to move into a new purpose-equipped office, warehouse and logistics facility. The decision to invest over €400,000 in the latest pallet cover manufacturing machine also identified the need to integrate […]

We are Moving!

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T-Minus seven days! We have some incredibly exciting news to share with you, starting with our move to new premises next Friday! We have come a long way during our current Directors’ ownership since 2003, and we are effecting even more changes to improve our business. Many of our staff have been busy quietly working behind the […]

Are you looking to reduce production costs whilst increasing output? What if you could achieve both and more, yet still reduce your business’ impact on the environment? Sometimes the best solution may not be the most obvious one. If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your supply chain process, it may not be apparent that the solution could be the very thing holding your product – your bulk bags.

To help customers identify the right type of bulk packaging, we created an infographic guide to the various kinds, their uses and features. All our bulk bags can be customised to your exact specification, from size and colour to branding with your logo and message.

The PVC bulk bag, manufactured in the UK by Structure-flex (SFX), is without a doubt, the ultimate bulk bag, used by many of Europe’s leading manufacturers to store foodstuffs, chemicals and pharmaceutical products. It is a unique product to the world of bulk powder and granular handling, boasting many features that benefit businesses.

The history of bulk bags

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Bulk bags – or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) – have been used as packaging since the mid 20th century, although there is some debate over when exactly they were first made. These big bags, as they are sometimes known, were made in Europe, the US and Japan during the 1950s, which means that the bulk packaging industry is surprisingly young.