The advantages of PVC bulk bags

PVC bags have been used for more than forty years, but today’s version has undergone major improvements. The PVC bulk bag, manufactured in the UK by Structure-flex (SFX), is without a doubt, the ultimate bulk bag, used by many of Europe’s leading manufacturers to store foodstuffs, chemicals and pharmaceutical products. It is a unique product to the world of bulk powder and granular handling, boasting many features that benefit businesses.

High packaging performance

One of the key advantages of SFX’s PVC bulk bags is their high performance, even in harsher environments. They are completely watertight, so they can be exposed to the elements without detrimental effect. This is because the bags are made from a polyester fabric reinforced with PVC coating and all welded seams. The special design makes these bulk bags suitable for carrying expensive hydroscopic products, which must be protected against the harshness of the external environment.

High safety standards

Regardless of industry, businesses are often required to meet stringent health and safety standards. PVC bulk bags by SFX can be produced to transport UN-certified hazardous materials, with full UN certification provided.

All SFX bulk bags are supplied with an 8:1 ratio on the safe working load. An extra layer of wear protection is added to the lifting loops to prolong the life of the bag. Moreover, document pockets are welded into the fabric of the bag to ensure any stored documentation remains visible and safe from water ingress.

Ideal for specialist packaging applications

Like with other bulk bags supplied by Cliffe PackagingSFX PVC bags are customisable for specialist packaging applications. They can be supplied with different surface coatings, from polyurethane coatings for food and pharmaceuticals, to anti-static coatings for highly volatile environments to ensure risk-free filling and discharging. Every bag can also be equipped with drawstrings, special closures, double skirts and hygiene flaps to match any existing filling and discharging equipment.

PVC bulk bags

Better value

Structure-flex PVC bulk bags have a long life expectancy, with an average exceeding 3 years. They offer better returns than many other bulk bags, quickly paying for themselves over time. Furthermore, should the bag become damaged, it can be repaired very quickly without any compromise on quality or safety.

Reduced environmental impact

Companies must be sensitive to their impact on the environment, and work toward reducing their carbon footprint, where possible. Reusable packaging, such as the PVC bulk bag, enables businesses to reduce dependency on disposable packaging that is normally associated with other types of bulk bags.

Easy to organise and maintain

Structure-flex bulk bags come in a wide range of colours, making it possible to colour code products to eliminate errors that can be caused by obscure or damaged labelling. When not in use, these bags can be collapsed to save space.

Where to purchase SFX PVC bulk bags

PVC bulk bags manufactured by Structure-flex are available through Cliffe Packaging. Kindly contact our sales team on 0845 4811 200 or for enquiries, or visit for more information.

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