Tax-compliant (30% rPP) Bulk Bags



We are delighted to launch a 30% rPP equivalent product for much of our bulk bag range. Last year, we shared news regarding the basics of the UK’s upcoming plastic packaging tax. We then expanded on this with a webinar available to watch on our YouTube channel. Applicable to non-compliant products from 1st April 2022, full details are available on the government’s website: it is now incorporated as Part 2 of the Finance Act 2021.

Our tax-compliant products—which incorporate 30% recycled polymer in their material composition—allow you to continue purchasing high-quality flexible packaging products whilst improving your sustainability credentials and reducing your tax burden.

Sustainability has always been a priority at Cliffe Packaging, which has seen us launch many eco-friendly alternatives into our range over the years. As a safety-rated container, incorporating 30% recycled material into a bulk bag is a huge challenge, which is why this has taken over a year of development work. Our new, dedicated sustainability team has been working closely with our supply partners to secure reliable and consistent sources of recycled material and lead the research and testing in the development of these products.

We believe that the bulk bag—capable of carrying over one thousand times its own weight—is an eco-friendly product. This breakthrough achievement reinforces that position.

Call us today, or email, to discuss how you can make the switch to this alternative.