Is Cliffe Packaging a distributor or a manufacturer?

A question we are frequently asked is if Cliffe Packaging is a distributor or a manufacturer. The answer is simply: neither – we provide turnkey bulk bags solutions that are fully customised to meet clients’ specific requirements, from graphic design and specification, to manufacturing and inventory management.

Many companies deal only with manufacturers that promise better quality control, enhanced supply chain management, and more often than not, better value prices. Cliffe Packaging aims to meet and exceed those expectations. We design the best specification based on our clients’ needs, then place manufacturing strategically with one of our established partners who are audited to strict standards.

The agreed specification is logged with the customer, within our quality system, and also within the producer’s quality system. We will not deviate from this specification or from the designated manufacturer without first consulting the client. Rest assured, we oversee quality control of all processes to guarantee the highest standards, whilst retaining competitiveness.

The bulk bag industry has greatly evolved over the last 50 years to play a key role in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of products used daily. Whether it be the transport and storage of food, or the safe handling of plastic polymers used to produce packaging essential in the delivery of goods, bulk bags play a crucial part in all of these processes. To satisfy the global demand for such a versatile product, the manufacturing of bulk bags has expanded worldwide.

Cliffe Packaging has developed a partner network of reliable bulk bag producers in both Europe and Asia to tap into the strengths of different manufacturers. For example, one manufacturer may be particularly well-known for producing volume standard bags, such as those in building and construction, whilst prices from another producer with a fully-accredited food and pharmaceutical grade facility would not be competitive.

By partnering with a network of manufacturers, Cliffe Packaging is able to provide a complete and bespoke range of bulk bags with varying lead times and price structures, offering customers a complete choice of options to fulfil their demand in the most competitive way.

We have a wealth of experience in the production methods of our bulk bags. Members of our technical sales and quality team are always available for assistance in helping customers to determine the appropriate and most competitive specification for any bulk bag required. We also offer stockholding in both standard and BRC accredited food grade warehousing, so that stock is always available and there is no disruption in supply.

For more information, take a look at our bulk bag products page, or get in touch with us on 0845 4811 200 to see how we can help your business.