How businesses can improve packaging efficiency

There are various factors to consider for improving packaging efficiency for your business. Protecting products is of course essential; however businesses must be mindful of packaging costs and its impact on the environment. Bulk bags are an increasingly popular and sensible choice for several reasons:

Reducing packaging costs

Using multiple sacks to hold large loads could wind up costing your business 30% more than if you were to use a single bulk bag. For instance, to store a 1,000kg load, you could use forty 25kg sacks costing £12, or simply use one 1,000kg bag for £7.50. Unlike many sacks, bulk bags can also be reused, which means you would not have to repurchase packaging as often, thus further reducing expenditure.

Improving worker efficiency

Not only is filling and handling multiple sacks a time-consuming process, it is unnecessary when there are more effective solutions available. How much money and time could you save by switching from sacks to bulk bags? Moreover the time used for filling sacks could be better spent on other tasks.

Assure product quality

The packaging industry offers a wide range of packaging options to suit a variety of requirements. Bulk packaging can be tailormade to meet specific requirements, which can have a positive impact on your business. Pharmaceutical or food industries, for example, have strict requirements for packaging – food-grade bags must be clinically sterile to meet UK and EU safety standards.

Compliance with industry standards

Industries that deal with hazardous or potentially hazardous materials require packaging that complies with stringent UN standards. Bulk packaging specialists can provide UN-certified bulk bags specifically designed for the transportation of hazardous goods down to the smallest specification, such as substances that emit flammable gases when in contact with water.

Minimise waste

Large sacks are not usually designed for several uses, whereas bulk bags can be reused. How many times a bulk bag can be used depends on how it is filled and handled, plus the contents of the load. It makes sense to switch from sacks to bulk bags, given the significant reduction in waste.

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