Bulk bags: an eco-friendly alternative

With Earth Day just around the corner on 22 April 2016, campaigns to inspire environmental change are abound. Due to the ever-increasing amounts of waste and carbon emissions generated, there is an urgency for businesses to adopt more eco-friendly processes and solutions.

Packaging is a key area of concern for businesses, not just in terms of product packaging, but also where large quantities of sacks are required to store and carry materials and goods.

A more practical alternative would be for businesses to consider bulk bags or flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), which are large containers specially designed for carrying huge quantities of materials. These are sometimes known as builders bags, as they are used by tradesmen to store construction supplies.

Bulk bags are often designed for multi-trip use, whereas sacks are not meant to be reused. As such, one bulk bag replaces the need for a pallet of multiple smaller sacks. This significantly reduces the cost of packaging, and more importantly, reduces waste and the impact on the environment.

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Modern-day FIBCs are made with woven polypropylene (PP) fabric. PP is a type of thermoplastic polymer that is lightweight and highly durable, thanks to its resistance against water, mildew, heat, shrinking and stretching. These features make bulk bags suitable for housing and safely transporting a wide range of materials, from powder and sand, to pellets and aggregates.

PVC bulk bags: Waterproof and long-lasting

Taking things one step further is the long-lasting PVC bulk bag. With a life expectancy of more than three years, less waste is generated, which reduces a business’ impact on the environment.

Cliffe Packaging offer unique PVC (SFX) bulk bags that are manufactured from PVC-coated polyester fabric with all-welded seams, making this variant extremely durable and completely watertight. They are ideal for businesses dealing with expensive hydroscopic products that require protection from harsh external environments.

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