Building for the Future!

As part of our overall service to our customers, and as part of our QA procedures, we visit our suppliers on a regular basis to conduct audits. A good proportion of the bulk bags we supply come from long term partners in India. To make sure the supply relationships we have evolve we visit India on a regular basis. During theses visits we make sure that the companies we are working with are investing for the future.

What do we mean when we talk about “investing”? In the first instance, we look at new fixtures and plant. We look at developments in quality systems and we study the long term plans our partners have for their businesses. One other issue that affects all our commercial decisions it the way the people employed within those factories are treated. Child labour is a complete no, no. If we come across evidence of child labour then all commercial links are stopped. We make this clear from the outset of any new or existing suppliers. Thankfully, we have not had any incidents that have provoked our concern.

Once we have established a supply partner, we tend to work with those people for the long term. We commit to volume production and in return, we expect our partners to invest in the latest technology and to grow in an environmentally friendly way.

The environment is very important to us as a business. Just because there are different environmental standards in South Asia as opposed to Europe, it is vital that we do not contribute to any form of pollution just because we are not directly affected by region.

If you have any questions about Cliffe’s business ethics please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.