Builders Bags and Aggregate Bulk Bags

Things to consider in January

So here we are, it may only seem 5 minutes since the Christmas break but already we’re quickly approaching the end of January and for those of you in the construction and aggregate industries who use builders bags and aggregate bags now is the time when you will be forecasting your usage of bulk bags for the new season. A couple of important points to consider are as follows:

  1. The whole building industry throughout Europe are now looking at their usage for 2014 and placing orders with predominantly Indian producers for bulk bags. This means that there is a surge in requirements and typical lead times can extend from 12- 14 weeks up to 16-18 weeks. Please get your orders in early to avoid any disruption in supply.
  1. As the demand for bulk bags increase so will the demand for raw materials to produce them, historically this can result in raw material producers increasing prices in their products which in due course forces bag manufacturers to increase the cost of their bulk bags. Another good reason to get your orders in as soon as possible and beat and potential price hikes.

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