Advantages of partnering with a bulk packaging specialist

Unlike suppliers, bulk packaging specialists can propose recommendations to improve your business supply chain. Minor modifications to a bag specification can have a major impact on costs, business processes, and the environment. For example, Cliffe Packaging proposed specification adjustments for a key partner that reduced bag unit cost by 8.2% in 2015. As such, it makes good business sense to team up with a bulk packaging specialist, and this article explores the many reasons why.

Unique partnership approach

Bulk packaging specialists have technical and consulting capabilities that mere suppliers do not. Specialists work closely with you to understand your business requirements, right down to the supply chain. This unique partnership approach enables them to propose value-added solutions for their clients.

Taking Cliffe Packaging as an example, they were able to recommend minor specification changes that resulted in significant financial savings, as well as a direct and positive impact on the environment.

Full range of solutions

A good bulk packaging specialist would provide a wide range of bulk packaging solutions to cater to all kinds of industries. The advantage of working with a specialist is that they would be well-placed to develop and test bespoke solutions to suit your needs. Cliffe Packaging’s diverse clientele comprise SMEs to blue-chip multinationals.

Secure production capabilities

Bulk packaging specialists understand that disaster recovery planning is critical for business continuity. Over the years Cliffe Packaging have built up an extensive global partner network to leverage the strengths of different manufacturers. This partnership enables them to operate with extra capacity and to provide clients with a complete choice of options to meet their demands competitively.

Substantial stocks for quick delivery

As a one-stop shop for all bulk bag, packaging and pallet-wrapping needs, Cliffe Packaging offers the largest range of bulk packaging products in the UK. They have £2.6 million worth of stock available at all times, making same-day delivery possible.

Consignment stock management

When looking for a bulk packaging partner, check that they offer consignment stock facilities, where their products are placed on your premises. The advantages of this facility is that the products are available to you immediately as and when required, plus you pay only for what you use.

Friendly, expert service

Great customer service typically means the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal client. Many of Cliffe Packaging’s clients start off as customers seeking a quick solution to their packaging needs, but become long-term partners due to the value-added, ‘can-do’ service provided.

For more information about working with a bulk packaging specialist, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experts by emailing or calling 0845 4811 200.