To help customers identify the right type of bulk packaging, we created an infographic guide to the various kinds, their uses and features. All our bulk bags can be customised to your exact specification, from size and colour to branding with your logo and message.

The PVC bulk bag, manufactured in the UK by Structure-flex (SFX), is without a doubt, the ultimate bulk bag, used by many of Europe’s leading manufacturers to store foodstuffs, chemicals and pharmaceutical products. It is a unique product to the world of bulk powder and granular handling, boasting many features that benefit businesses.

Your product packaging serves as a consumer’s introduction to your brand, as it is often the first thing they see, so it’s no surprise that companies can spend millions on packaging design. Why not make your packaging work even harder?

A question we are frequently asked is if Cliffe Packaging is a distributor or a manufacturer. The answer is simply: neither – we provide turnkey bulk bags solutions that are fully customised to meet clients’ specific requirements, from design and specification, to manufacturing and stock management.